Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stone Ruination Double IPA 2 0 | Beer Review | B |

For the style, I was very underwhelmed by this beer. Compared to the original Ruination (Yellow Label), this does not hold a candle.
This is a West Coast IPA version of the original.

First off. This is a good beer.
But with that said, that's all it is. A GOOD beer. There is nothing special about it.
With the title of Double IPA I was expecting more. A lot more.
This has a very similar hop character as Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. I'm not saying it tastes the same, but it has a similarly intense hop presence.
It's very malt forward. And not very hop forward (like you'd expect a Double IPA to be).
At 8.5% ABV, I wouldn't even consider that to be a 'DOUBLE' IPA.
Compared to the normal Runitation, this was is severely lacking.
It smells like it's going to be a crazy hoppy beer, but that's about where it ends.
For the style of beer (Double IPA) I gave this one a "B".
Was it good. Yes. It was fine.
But was it a good Double IPA? Nope!
I was pretty disappointed.
When I looked at Stone's website and I saw that there were 2 different beers with the name "Ruination", that's when I went, "Hmmm".
Apparently, this version; the 2.0, is a West Coast styled IPA. And my experience with West Coast style IPA's is that they seem to have a more subdued hop character in favor of a heftier malt character and bitterness.
So be aware of all of this when you are trying to decide. Rating: 94 Rating: 99

Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0

ABV: 8.5%
- $2.99 for Single
- $12.99 per 6 pack

HOPS: Magnum, Nugget, Centennial Simcoe, Citra, & Azacca

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