Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Home Brew Tutorial | Wort Chiller Combined with 1000gph Water Pump

I'm doing a test run of my Homebrew system's new wort chiller mechanism.
To summarize what's going on…
  1. I will fill a medium sized rubbermaid trash can with ice and water and submerge the water pump.
  2. The pump will circulate ice cold water through the copper wort chiller.
  3. To reduce the amount of water used, I will, then, return the water back in to the original container. (Recirculating it)
  4. I will add more ice as needed to keep the water cold so that it will be efficient enough to cool the wort.

Here are some links to the equipment that I used in this video

Water Pump:

Copper Coil: (This is not the exact chiller I have. I bought mine from my local home brew store)

I do not receive any compensation for any of the items listed above.  I am just giving the information so that my fellow home brewers can make an informed decision and have some tool options available to them.

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