Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Home Brew Tutorial | How to Make a Starter Wort (Yeast Starter)

This tutorial was conceived in 2 parts.
  1. Part one shows how to make a yeast starter.
  2. Part two shows how to can and preserve the yeast starter for later use.

In this tutorial, I will be making a 1 (one) gallon yeast starter.  While I only, technically, need a small amount as a starter, I want to can and preserve the remainder of the starter wort to use at a later date.
  1. In John Palmer's book "How to Brew", he states:
    1. Mix 1/2 cup of DME to 1 (one) pint of "finished" water.
      • This will give us a Gravity of 1.040.
        • Note: For higher gravity beers, you'll want to make higher gravity starter.
    2. For 1 (one) gallon of finished starter, mix 4 cups of DME.  Plus add an extra pint of water to compensate for boil off and boil over.
  2. Get water to boiling, then add DME.
  3. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. John Palmer says that during the boil, you can also add a small amount of Hops and Yeast nutrient to the starter.
    1. The hops are used keep the the unfermented wort sterile since it is a natural antimicrobial.
    2. Add the yeast nutrient to the starter to help get the yeast growing faster. And it also helps to rejuvenate old/expired yeast packs.
  5. Once your are finished boiling, cover and chill to pitching temperatures.
  • If you are planning to can the yeast starter, only remove what you plan to use now and chill separately.
  • Allow the remainder to stay hot until you are ready to can and preserve it.

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