Friday, February 15, 2013

Beer Review | New Belgium: Red Hoptober Ale

New Belgium: Red Hoptober Ale   rating = 94   rating = 86

While this is not officially an IPA, it is however a VERY hoppy beer. So I'm treating this as if it were an IPA.  That being said, it is slightly paste it's best-by date of December 2nd 2012.  So instead of reviewing it on camera, I'm going to let you know how it holds up over time.

This beer had a different name a few years ago.  It was simply called "Hoptober."  The packaging is the same as "Red Hoptober", only they simply added "Red" to the label.  While this isn't official, it is, however, true.

ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 60
Malts: Pale, Crystal 80
Hops: Target, Nugget, Cascade, El Dorado, Centennial
Bottle Code:

  • Best By "02Dec12" = Dec 2nd 2012
  • Bottled On Date: "120727" July 27th 2012 


No head.


Dark brown color.  Resembles a brown ale.
Very clear.
Very light but steady carbonation.


Piney hop aroma.
Very malty aroma, similar to Thomas Creek's Appalachian Amber Ale.


Light hop taste.  Spicy piney flavor.
Very very malty.  More malt than hops is coming through.
Has a roasted nut flavor.
Very tasty.


Due to it's age (more than 2.5 months out of date), the bulk of the hoppiness has disappeared. This would make a great brown ale, at this point.


Based on the style (IPA) I'd give this beer a "B"
Rated as an Amber Ale, I would give this an "A"

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