Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beer Review | Sweetwater: Road Trip Ale

Sweetwater: Road Trip Ale   Rating = 44   Rating = 81

Once again, another out of date IPA. The bottle is dated July/13/2012 and it is currently Feb 23th, 2013.  So instead of reviewing it on camera, I'm going to let you know how it holds up over time.

The website says, "This is a fiery Pilsner fermented at ale temperature for a fuller flavor, capped by an intense spice-hop finish."

Style: Pilsner fermented at ale temps.
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 60
Color: Yellow
Malts: Pilsner and vienna malt
Hops: Sterling and US Goldings
Bottle Code: Etched into the bottom left corner of the label.  "07/13/12"


A half pinky of a white creamy head formed.


It wasn't very carbonated.
The color was yellow like a Budweiser.


A very, very light hop spice.  But almost non-existent.
A nice malty aroma.


It actually wasn't too bad.  It tasted like an lightly hopped American Ale.
No frills.  No nothing.
Not very impressive.


I'd like to try it fresh and see if it's any different.  But as it is, there is not much here.


Based on the style, I'd give this beer a "B"

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