Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beer Review | Southern Tier: 2XIPA

Souther Tier
: 2X IPA


Availability:  Year Round
Packaging: 6pk and 24pk case 1/2kegs and 1/6kegs
Brewed Since: 2010
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 8.2%
Bottle Code: Near the bottom of the label.  Bottle-On Date: 02/10/12

The Pour:

Very little head.

The Look:

Very cloudy.
Yellow in color.
Medium to low carbonation

The Aroma:

Thick sweet aroma.
Smells like it could be very boozy.
Strong piney hops.
Smells strikingly similar to Thomas Creek's "Up the Creek IPA"

The Taste:

Flavor is very balanced.
Very effervescent.  Nice carbonation.
Not as boozy as it smelled.
Not as sweet tasting as it smells.
The website claims that it is more citrusy with light pine.  But I'm getting a lot more of the piny hop aroma.
Very very tasty.


I highly recommend this beer.  It's very smooth.  You could drink many of these in one sitting without flinching.  Unfortunately you'd get knocked on your ass after doing so.  You don't taste the alcohol. 
It's a very delightful beer.  I could drink a 6er of this (and probably regret it massively).  It is so good.  I could imagine what it tastes like fresh.  This bottle was born Feb. 10, 2012 and today is Feb 1st 2013.  So...
I highly recommend this beer.  Don't miss out.



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