Friday, February 22, 2013

Beer Review | Wild Blue: Premium Blueberry Lager

Wild Blue: Premium Blueberry Lager

Brewed by: Anheiser Busch  Rating = 9    Rating = 52

Once again, another beer that's out of date. While there is no bottle code on the bottle, I know it's old because I bought it back in February 2012 and it is now February 2013.

Style: Fruit lager
ABV: 8%
Color: Purple
Bottle Code: None


A tini tiny purple head formed then fell almost immediately as it was being poured.


The beer is dark purple with heavy effervescent carbonation.  Almost like soda pop.


It almost smells like a really sweet blueberry wine.  It smells like alcoholic cool-aid.
It is not very appetizing.


It tastes like sweet wine.  Blah.
The only thing that is even vaguely similar to beer is a light, almost hidden aftertaste.


This is an absolutely disgusting alcoholic beverage.  I'm not even going to call this a beer.  It is really gross.
I actually poured it down the drain.  I could not finish the drink.  It was terrible.
I can't even force it down.
I wouldn't really expect much more from an Anheiser Busch beer.


Based on the style, I'd give this beer a "F"

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